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About Us

About Us - Harinder Farms

At Harinder Farms, we cultivate a passion for excellence in agriculture. With deep-rooted expertise and a commitment to innovation, we are a leading agribusiness organization specializing in the production of Early Generation Potato Seeds under the esteemed brand name Harindra Agrotech and high-quality Corn Silage Bales under the banner of Harvest Silage.
Complementing our potato seed division, we take pride in producing top-notch Corn Silage Bales under the Harvest Silage label. These bales are a testament to our dedication to animal nutrition and sustainable farming practices. Our corn silage is not just a feed; it’s a promise of healthier livestock and higher yields for dairy and livestock farmers.
Under the brand Harindra Agrotech, we offer a wide range of Early Generation Potato Seeds that are meticulously bred and nurtured for superior performance. Our commitment to research and development drives us to continually improve our seed varieties, enabling farmers to maximize their Potato production.

Our Story

Founded in 1997 with a vision to revolutionize agriculture, Harinder Farms has been at the forefront of the farming industry since its inception. Established by a team of dedicated and experienced agriculturists, we have evolved into a trusted name in the agribusiness sector.

Our Expertise

Our core strength lies in our extensive knowledge of crop cultivation, especially in the production of premium Early Generation Potato Seeds. We employ cutting-edge techniques and adhere to the highest standards to ensure the quality of potato seeds, helping farmers achieve abundant and sustainable yields.

Our Mission

At Harinder Farms, our mission is to empower farmers with the finest agricultural solutions, fostering prosperity and sustainability. We believe that by providing quality products and unwavering support, we can contribute to a world where agriculture thrives and nourishes communities.

Our Vision

At Harinder Farms, our vision is to be the beacon of sustainable agriculture, inspiring a future where farming harmonizes with nature. We strive to lead the industry in pioneering techniques that enhance agricultural productivity while preserving the environment for generations to come. Through innovation and dedication, we envision a world where every farmer thrives, every crop flourishes, and every harvest is a testament to the power of responsible farming practices.
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